A Dallas guy narrates crazy-popular podcast “American History Tellers,” is working on “American Scandal”

Lindsay "Not The Senator" Graham's career soared with America's acceptance of "nerd culture" ... "American History Teller" Lindsay Graham narrates his top-of-the-charts Wondery podcast [...]

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Video: Dark Rooms returns to Dallas, plays that song from “A Ghost Story”

You know how old-timers like Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash (RIP) have  played shows where it's just, like, a musician and his acoustic guitar. [...]

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Former Dallasite Lawrence Wright wrote the seminal book on 9/11 history

How Dallas shaped the prolific, peerless reporter-author Lawrence Wright, and how his family shaped Dallas. Author Lawrence Wright. Courtesy Penguin Random House. If [...]

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Seven years after Mr. Peppermint’s death, his crazy redneck Butthole Surfer son seems to be turning toward children’s entertainment

Like father, like son? Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes today — albeit in creepier and more terrifying ways —also has a knack for entertaining children. [...]

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The remarkable way Dallas peacefully desegregated public pools

Across the country, black men were being beaten for trying to swim with white people. And, while Dallas was by no stretch of the imagination [...]

60 stories we didn’t write last week (but wish we had)

Many things caught fire this week, literally; cops did good and bad things; Cowboys will be Cowboys; celebrities scored gigs and got personal; new restaurants [...]

Long lost brothers? Beto O’ Rourke and The Ticket’s Junior Miller

Politician Beto O' Rourke and beloved radio personality Craig Miller. I just can't help doing a double take as I scroll through Twitter [...]

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Dear Lupe: Yeah, this is embarrassing, we had that gun all along. So sorry. Love, Sheriff’s Department

Remember how candidate for Texas Governor and ex-Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez purportedly misplaced her pistol? Well … she did not. Different gun, different [...]

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White Rock Lake is too crowded, huh? It’s nothing compared to 1977, spring of the hippie riot

Runners can't stand those cyclists; those cyclists yell at the joggers, joggers complain when called "joggers," overly long dog leashes clothesline kids, Parkies are building [...]

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Actor from Dallas is in a new Spike Lee joint (not that one)

Jon Michael Hill and Blake DeLong in "Pass Over," a Spike Lee joint. (Courtesy Amazon Studios) Spike Lee has been bombarded with buzz [...]

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